10 February 2012

Uplifting Thoughts

Nobody is smarter than you or better than you!! Successful people simply learn more, try more and persevere longer

07 February 2012

Sorry No Catchy/Clever Title For This One.... Just a Few Simple Truths!

Here on Everyday Uplift we often talk about the differences between successful people and unsuccessful people. In fact you can find some of those differences here here or here... If you've taken the time to read any of those entries you'll notice that there is a common theme. And that is in some way they all seem to relate to a persons outlook; Remember perception is reality. Here we like to call this The Everyday Uplift Mindset: Others call it the magic of  dreaming big, the power of positive thinking so on and so forth. But what does it mean?

31 December 2011

The Secret to Success in 2012

Some of you may have seen this here before (those that have please don't ruin the secret for others). But I always love to bring it up anyway around this time of year; When people are busy making false resolutions, knowing that what we really need is a lifestyle change (and maybe an attitude adjustment). Without further ado.....

11 November 2011

For Immediate Release

FROM:  The PhD Project                                    CONTACT:  Lisa King
               3 Chestnut Ridge Road                                              Media Impact
         Montvale, NJ 07645                                                    (646)-234-5080

Mikal LaNard Payne, a Philadelphia, Pa Native,  Invited to Attend Award-Winning PhD Project Conference

Program Supports Diversity In Corporate America

November, 2011—The PhD Project, an award-winning program to create diversity in management, is proud to announce that Mikal LaNard Payne of Philadelphia, PA now living in Buies Creek, NC has been invited to attend the annual PhD Project Conference, being held at the Hyatt Regency O'Hare from November 16-18, 2011.

The PhD Project was created in 1994 to address the severe under-representation of African-Americans, Hispanic-Americans and Native Americans in management by diversifying the front of the classroom-the business school faculty. A diverse faculty encourages more minorities to pursue business degrees, thereby increasing the pool of minority applicants for positions in today’s multicultural corporate environment.


Qualified candidates are invited to this two and a half-day annual conference where they hear from deans, professors and current minority doctoral students about the benefits of pursuing a business Ph.D.  Candidates are exposed to more than 100 doctoral-granting universities that are represented during a  university exhibit fair at the conference. Networking with the university reps, deans, professors and current doctoral students provides candidates with the tools and resources they need to be better prepared for the application/admission process to doctoral programs.    

When The PhD Project was created, there were only 294 doctorally qualified African-American, Hispanic American or Native American minority business professors in all U.S. business schools.  Today there are 1,113 minority business professors, an increase of more than 250%. Further, 379 minorities are currently enrolled in doctoral programs, and will take a place at the front of the classroom over the next few years.

For more information visit: http://www.phdproject.org or contact Lisa King at 646-234-5080 or lisak@mediaimpact.biz.

15 July 2011

Pearl of Wisdom...

Don't fret tough problems (or "easy" ones for that matter) instead do this: